Jake Jones Artist

Jake was born in Cambridge in 1972. He spent his childhood in rural Cambridgeshire where he developed his love for creativity and open spaces.

A self-taught artist: Jake left behind a career in Carpentry and Joinery in 2015 and relocated to North Yorkshire to pursue art as a full-time career.

Jakes atmospheric paintings inspired by the beauty of North Yorkshire offer a fresh and lively use of watercolour and are intended to communicate a sense of peace and tranquility.


Why do some artworks speak to us more than others, or in different ways than others? What are we responding to when this happens?

Do artists leave an emotional signature in their work during its creation, and is this what we experience and respond to when we are moved by art?

My works, are intended to explore these possibilities.

Working predominantly in watercolour my artworks are focused on capturing light and atmosphere. Inspired by my surroundings in beautiful North Yorkshire my daily process begins with meditation to unburden my mind and this starts the ideas flowing. Always learning as much, if not more from mistakes, I love to go beyond what is comfortable or expected.